I <3 Woody Allen.

I <3 New York.

I even love black and white, so really, this is why I love the Roaring Twenties-feel of this video. Lovely...

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P.S. I'm dying to see New York I Love You. God, how can you not love New York: the life, the joy, its beautiful, beautiful, melancholy black and white.


This might possibly be compensation for my sleep-deprivation-induced laughing fit I had an hour ago, but this has become tonight's economics-and-calculus-and-Hamlet study session accompaniment. I lovelovelove it.


tibet-10009buddhism by steve mccurry

Monk at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet, 2000 by Steve MCcurry.

Look at those wrinkles! Those colors! So beautiful, I just can't stop staring.


Top 10 cities in the world for good food.
I am completely the prospective client who would go on a food trek. Good food ftw.


I love the feeling of finishing a book; the better the book, the fuzzier I'm feeling.


Here's a shoutout to Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell.

This year for Thanksgiving my dad and I are going to Barcelona!

Three wonderful days amidst the Spanish city life! I feel guilty for not preparing myself enough both historically and culturally to fully experience all that cities like Jerusalem and Milan had to offer; I want to remember more than just the feel of the city - I want to learn of the culture, I want to learn its history and the history of its buildings and population.

Typical Barcelona architectureGaudi_Casa_Batllo_02



As I wrote that, Homage to Catalonia has won much needed interest-points.


Homage to Catalonia, my life right now. Although, it's hard to concentrate on the Spanish Civil War when my brain puts on repeat images of the following

Despite the few cultural and life lessons I was taught the hard way, I miss Israel, in its amazingness, in its diversity, life and culture; the people that call it home, the life and soul it holds. It is truly a unique country and I long to go back and learn about people, about conflict and about life.


I love Pandora! I know that it's been around for a while so I'm not quite sure how necessary my little shout out might be; perhaps it already is or has been the "hottest trend" and I, in my little hole, have not come to know it.

Nevertheless, I think it is amazingly wonderful in pairing music, better than iTunes genius or anything like that. You know when you feel to listening to that bluesy jazz or a kind of Yeah Yeah Yeahs-like rock but don't have the energy or creativity of dj-abilities to create the perfect playlist? No more, my dear reader. 

Today, flipping through my Oedipus Rex required reading, sipping on Mountain Berry tea from Say Tea (Bloor Street West in Toronto - ggrreatt little granny's-home decor and feel with all the tea you could ever want - I could start a whole separate blog post... which I think I will ddooo), listening to my You Me and the Bourgeoisie radio, Pandora put on L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold (which used to be called Santogold). It's been a while since I heard a freshly great song since my remote sailing trip all over Mazury. I love its (at least according to my dainty ears) otherworldliness, quirkiness - Santi White's voice is so unique that I can't stop listening. It's still playing in my head, even as Pandora keeps on moving down the playlist.

Take a listen, tell me what you think, and seriously check out Pandora. It'll become your new best-friend-that-always-knows-to-play-the-best-song-at-that-perfect-moment.


Oh the influence of Christian radio.


What Our Future Holds


"What the graduates of ten schools think about the crazy world they just inherited."

I would tell you if I thought this was bullshit. But I completely agree with the attitude of my generation. And, you know what, this glass-half-full viewpoint is giving me the biggest smile and greatest hopes for a wonderful future.

The only thing that scares me is that 72% of graduates want to live in New York because I want to live in New York. And if they live in New York, with all of those people already living in New York, what if there won`t be enough room for me in New York.

No, what am I saying. Of course there will be room. I can`t wait for college!


Emma Watson - Chanel, Burberry, and now Rodarte...


Here are Emma Watson and Kate Bosworth at a recent Rodarte party. Does anyone else see Kate as having mastered that effortless glam as Emma is just that little girl trying on her mother's heels? Maybe its the dress or that hell-yeah-with-a-hint-of-bitch-please expression on her face very often associated with unknown runway models, but I'm not feeling the dressed-up version of Emma.

However, I think her manager is really getting her somewhere. She looks good in her Lagerfeld shoot for CRASH :

image image image image 

I was really rooting for Emma ever since my tween girl crush on Hermione. Her face just isn't working; there's no emotion, there's no feel or purpose to the shoot that I can see.

Maybe its my disappointment that so many people are trying to make her work - its just not natural, which makes it just so not beautiful.


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Fast forward to 39:00.

Ryan! I love your adorable shiny little head and whoopie cushion routine and your height deficiency!

Oh this makes my heart so sad.

Evan instead of Ryan. Ryan is totally the cooler one. And was the choreographer of the two on top of that. Come ON judges. This is so disappointing.

Maybe Nigel's avoiding another Taylor Hicks incident ?taylor_hicks

I still can't believe this kid won...